CBSE Curriculum

After much speculation about the addition of vocational courses and change of syllabus for classes XI and XII, CBSE has finally released its curriculum for the academic years. A curriculum is the list of subjects or topics that are going to be covered during the year. The links for all of them has been provided in this article. Also, the list of vocational courses has been provided.
But first, it is extremely important for all the students to go through the objectives of the program that will answer all the queries about why should the curriculum be changed and what is expected from the students:

Objectives of the CBSE Curriculum

The CBSE Curriculum aims to:
1. achieve cognitive, affective and psychomotor excellence;
2. enhance self-awareness and explore innate potential;
3. promote Life Skills goal setting, decision making and lifelong learning;
4. inculcate values and foster cultural learning and international understanding in an interdependent society;
5. acquire the ability to utilize technology and information for the betterment of humankind;
6. strengthen knowledge and attitude related to livelihood skills;
7. develop the ability to appreciate art and showcase talents;
8. promote physical fitness, health and well-being.