Managing Director's Message

It gives me an immense pleasure to put forward few words. MDK International School was established in the year 2012 with a motto “Vision through virtue”. This motto has a lot of meaning. Being virtuous is necessary for every human, to impart the knowledge, one has to be virtuous enough. So with the vision of imparting the knowledge, virtuously MDK was established.

Education is a life time process which brings out transformation in the life of people. Education helps in bringing social, psychological, personal and intellectual development. So, it is necessary to get educated. Though ten years of schooling does not bring wholesome transformation but it plays a vital role in the foundation process of every individual. To make this foundation strong schooling of an individual plays an important role.

Understanding the facts of life, MDK has been working for the promotion of every individual in all walks of life. The education system, Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, the exposure visits have helped in boosting up confidence in all the students. Many of our A-Level graduates have placed themselves in different universities around the globe. The hard-work of the students has helped them for good placement. Our school students are no less! Right from pre-schooling they are taught all the etiquettes, values and norms of life. They are taught to be a selfless human being, which is very important to establish a peaceful society.

I sincerely thank all the teachers, staff members and all those who are associated with MDK visibly or from behind the curtains. We still have many missions to be accomplished in the years to come. I hope for the similar support from everyone in the days ahead. MD Poonam Sethi